Natural organic plant protection agent

Natural organic plant protection agent, Soil improvement agent.

Main Components

Modified Chitosan, Purified Silica Di-oxide.


Liquid 1L, 30L/Bottle


Agrifunine is made from natural materials combined with modified chitosan and bio-technology purified minerals.

Agrifunine is capable to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi by means of physical attraction of electric charges that given by the nano-modified silica oxide. Agrifunine can also absorb mycotoxin produced by mold and balance pH of soil environment by trapping excessive nitric acid and proton in soil.

As a natural mineral product, Agrifunine also provides essential mineral element (etc., Mg, Ca, and Si) to supplement plant nutrition. By inhibiting the growth and diffusion of microbes, Agrifunine is ideal to prevent and remove plant’s infection. In order to avoid the aggravation of plant’s disease, preventive application is recommended.